My Brain Hurts

My Brain Hurts
18 2월

My Brain Hurts

Original Lookout version

Studio album by Screeching Weasel

September 1991

July 1991

Art of Ears Studio in San Francisco

Punk rock


Lookout (LK 050)
Asian Man (AM 120)
Recess (RR 117)

Andy Ernst and Larry Livermore

Screeching Weasel chronology

My Brain Hurts

My Brain Hurts is the third studio album by the Chicago-based punk rock band Screeching Weasel. The album was originally released on CD, vinyl and cassette in September 1991 through Lookout Records. It was the group’s first album on Lookout as well as the only release with bassist Dave Naked and the first with drummer Dan Panic, the latter of which would go on to appear on several of the band’s albums. The album marked a very distinct stylistic shift for the group, fully moving toward a Ramones-inspired sound and completely abandoning their previous hardcore punk influences as a condition made by vocalist Ben Weasel when reforming the band after a brief break-up.[1]
After the release of My Brain Hurts, the band grew increasingly popular within the punk community and began drawing bigger crowds at their shows,[2] which Weasel later admitted put pressure on him when recording the follow-up album Wiggle the next year.[3] The album is regarded as one of the group’s best releases by critics, fans and the band members themselves.[2][4][5] It is one of the band’s best-selling releases and is often cited as influential to many later pop punk bands.[4][6]
In 2005, the band removed their catalog from Lookout due to unpaid royalties, alongside many other artists, and re-released the album on CD in remastered form though Asian Man Records later that year. A vinyl edition with different cover art was also issued by Recess Records in 2009.


1 Background
2 Recording
3 Songwriting
4 Release, reception and influence
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6 Personnel
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During the tour just after the band released the Punkhouse EP, drummer Brian Vermin and bassist Sewercap formed their own band called Sludgeworth and started showing less interest in Screeching Weasel.[1] During a stop in Berkeley, California, the group went to Sergay’s Recording Emporium to record songs for compilations appearances and, after the tour, Vermin and Sewercap left the band. Instead of hiring new members, vocalist Ben Weasel and guitarist John Jughead decided to end